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This site is for anyone angered by the Controlled Opposition at so-called “progressive” sites like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, or any other blog, even if conservative, that purports to offer a clearinghouse for alternatives to the controlled mainstream media. Despite their marketing themselves as a place for open-minded discussion, earnest commenters at these “alternative”sites are discovering the hard way that certain subjects are not to be discussed.

What are these verboten topics? Let’s find out! Then let’s blaspheme!

This site is brand new and will take awhile to develop but in the mean time have at it. Run amok! So long as you’re not hostile, threatening or a petty nuisance your essays your contributions will be kept in perpetuity for anyone to read (unless you request I delete them, of course). If you write something REALLY interesting I might even feature it as a separate post.

Here’s how to play: Copy your comments BEFORE hitting the submit button at Controlled Opposition websites. Then, copy and paste your unapproved and/or deleted comments at this site if they’re not approved, or not allowed to remain after posting. It will be interesting to see what kind of picture develops from the aggregate!

Legal Notice:

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  1. I know this is probably way off topic… I love the picture.

    • Frankly..this site seems to be a setup or porn,,Watch out..You could be hacked

      • Hames: So what. Viewing porn is not outlawed; even if you get thrown into a kiddie-porn site, just get out quick.

        Un-related, but i am open for suggestions. I get emails as to why I haven’t paid AOL? I’ve had AOL for years and don’t pay for servers. I have my email on AOL but I could convert to Google, yahoo or any server anytime. Are these hackers who want my credit card number? I’m a retired DEA and would never fall for this nonsense.

  2. I read many of the liberal/progressive blogs to be armed with an apology of my conservative ideals and commented on the Huffiington Post only twice and was quickly banned.

    I was critical, but in no way vulgar, or in violation of the rules they set forth. The fact is they ban those they disagree with and are so far from the tenets of the 1st Amendment they are, in my book, a bunch of hypocrites who are anything but “progressive”.

    Alan Davidson
    Son of Liberty

    • I’ve been banned and deleted at all manner of “liberal” websites. Often after agreeing on subjects for a while, but as soon as I disagreed on something I get banned. I went out and started my own forum when C-Span deleted their community, and after a half million posts I still haven’t had to delete anyone permanently. Most moderation turns out to be mere censorship of ideas. I still have two posts in the filter at huffpo after 7 hours. seems my past posts weren’t so much banned as posted hours or days after I gave up on any discussion.

      • just like to say.. Huff Post banned me also after disagreeing with them. Ridiculous censorship

      • Huffpuss does not like conservative viewpoints. They want only the parasites to post.

      • Every month or so, I get banned from HP. I don’t violate ethics, make threats, use words I haven’tr seen in print on their site many times prior. At times I take a conservative position, at other times liberal–both have been banned. I’ve written to HP and requested their policy I’ve violated. They’ve never responded but eventually let me post again.

      • Its jewish owned so thats to be expected, after polluting this country with 15 Million immigrants who are all mainly on benefits,or in jail, this started in 1997 under Pinocchio Blair and was aided and abetted by the jewish controlled Media in this country and globally, immigration was “Good for us” in the interests of Multiculuraism,(cheap Labour), How can anyone comment on anything when they own all the media, they print or show anything they agree with, even facebook ant twitter are owned by them along with many other social sites, most of the celebrities on these sites are Jewish so the money keeps rolling in in one big circle, and i am talking Billions, we live in a nice Dictatorship where you can sat what you like a long as it pleases the Jews who own all the Media, Your account is never deleted on Facebook and tracking cookies follow you everywhere, they know as much about your business than you do, and the 3 stooges dont run this country they do, and they have a new addittion now to their tribe, he will be a nice “Big” earner through the years ahead, that doesnt look good we have Millions more in january to live on benefits, whilst lots of the long term white residents will be in B&B for Xmas after losing their jobs and eventually homes through cheap labour immigrants, the figures for these people in B&B will never be shown.its a disgrace, this country is like a Tinderbox ready to explode, all these cuts are to keep millions of immigrants, unless they live on fresh air. Ive been banned for telling the truth also, its them every time, they hate the masses to be told the truth, they are our Masters, and that is the truth.

      • My reply is more to Vic Robson. It’s interesting, Vic, to get a different slant but we have to remember that Judaism is a religion and not necessarily an ethnic group. Do Jews control the economy? I have no idea and I’m pushing 72, have a college degree, am a CPA who reached the height of my profession and also put in 8 years with the DEA. I have been allmost everywhere (no, not to Israel). Correct me if Im wrong (any blogger, please), but one isn’t entirely Jewish unless practicing that faith and having a Jerwish ethnic background. Otherwise, it’s just a religious faith.

      • Please put your conservative paranoia away for just a moment. You’re being treated just like anybody else, especially at Huffington Post. If you comment there enough, you’ll also notice you can figure out when certain moderators start their shift, because just about everything you submit will wind up waiting for hours to be moderated.

        The primary difference between liberals and conservatives is that when liberals are treated shabbily at a website, they typically don’t whine about it. They find a way around the problem or go elsewhere.

      • I am a born-again Christian and guess what — yep — I am banned from huffington post
        Therefore the God of the Bible, who I uphold in comments using His scriptures, is indirectly banned from huffington post too

        what is the big deal about huffington post ???
        i couldn’t give a rat’s ass about huffington post !!!
        in a few years huffington post will be dead and no-one will care

        huffington post is just 1 of thousands of established opinion sites so being banned by their pro-gay bigot editors should really be a very insignificant event in anyone’s net surfing day

      • Riff, I am non-religious, non-spiritual, and stand on the opposite of likely everything you stand for, and I have also been banned from huffpost. I wouldn’t take it personal, I can’t seem to understand what exactly is a bannable offense there…

    • Alan: I was banned from Huffington Post as well even though I was a ‘Super User.’ I believe I was banned because I wrote a racially sensitive blog, even though I have read much more controversial comments. Do you (or anyone else using HuffPost) know how to be re-instated? I have a lot of fans and have received 90% positive replies to my blogs. I believe I have much to offer this website.

      • Me too. I think I was banned by two black women . Very sure !! I had badges , a superuser, moderator , and appealed it. but NO response???? I think obama ‘s black culture had alot to do with this problem. I took all huffington post off my net asked them to remove all of their posts from my computer. I also have fans not alot but some . I also investigated and gave info to site which pissed them off I think because I have been on this site awhile .While the post is liberal , I am not really right wing . I just say the way things are in the USA and how we need to change our country so we can live free.

      • Same here, banned and unable to get a reason why from Huff Post. They just said that I crossed the line. The only line I can think of that I crossed was calling them out on their liberal policy. It was not a comment, it was a email to them.

      • Here is what to do, make yourself anonymous by using an IP masking program. They track your IP so just putting in a new account will only hold up for a short time. They do not like anything conservative or remotely anti Obama. They leave your account open, but ban you from commenting. They are not interested in the real truth, just liberal BS.

      • I am a PAID subscriber to Huffn’Puffn’ and would LOVE to sue them to parade rest because of them NOT telling me why I have been banned. Thiese SOBs’ on a open form (with childrens access) promote/show picture, drawing of a PENIS with a 4″ fork shoved into it and an article about ejakulate being high in protein, and THEY have the Balls, the consumate gall to ban me for writing that: ” OMG! = Obama Must Go!” I propose a class action with dollars to Wounded Warrior and or Salvation Army plus Legal, Court and filling fees!

      • Judith: A black male blogged: ‘I exclusively date black females. I don’t believe in mixing of the races.’ I replied: ‘Good for you. You know your place and I know mine. I also don’t believe in mixing of the races.’ That’s what got me banned.

        Incidentally, I live in a 75,000 pop. lily white city and blacks are starting to move in rapidly. I don’t know if this is organized or people are fleeing bakrupt Detoit, south side of Chicago (Chicago is a racially segregated city unless you’re Michael Jordan). I like my white culture and want to retain it.

      • i wrote anti-government views. i forget the exact post. particularly against republicans but I am very open minded. I don;t take a side in most cases as I want the best for the people in general. I want a mass protest against the government for them to start sticking up for is rather than their “special interests” I support terrorists against our government ( in word ) rather than them attacking our people. In other words I would like to see them take offense to our government and leave our people alone. I don’t support them monetarily but only in thought. If they have to attack something let them go after our government and leave us citizens alone. We live in a police society and we as people cannot do anything. We need the out-side help. I have no money nor means nor time other than posts and blogs. freedom of so called speech hopefully allows me to say this. i hope for peaceful non-harmful means to restore america. peace to all.

      • According to the Google menu I was banned but was eventually able to post again (look under ‘banned from commenting on Huffington Post’). That is not true. I am still banned and never learned the reason why, but my previous blog is only what I surmise was the reason. Huff Post never sent me a reason.

      • Forget Huffn’Puffn’, they suck.
        All paying clients who get banned should DEMAND
        a REDUCED subscription charge!

      • You are clearly of Jewish heritage.

    • Well, I got banned from Huffpost this week. No email explaining why I was banned !!!! I don’t use profanity but I always made a point of reminding neo cons about the bucket load of horse manure they were lapping and continuing to parrot the same lies !!!!!!!! At the same time I keep reading neo cons posting not just negative comments about the President but name calling liberals. So why is that acceptable to Huffpost ????

      • Good comment…thanks for the point of view. I agree. Sort of the ”keep your friends close” and ”keep your enemies closer” philosophy. All it takes to get banned is to have a liberal complain…and his complaint is handled by another liberal. They are so sickening the way they protect each other with such bias. Another way is to have more than one person get psychotic about following your posts and basically stalking you…just to complain about you. the liberals are experts in complaining in the passive aggressive manner that make the wrong person look like the bad guy. That in a nutshell is what happens most of the time. They throw out their tilted sly insults to you, and then when you play by the same rules with them…they nail you and the moderators have their back. I wish AOL’HP would handle issues with people more like Facebook does. Facebook basically let’s you say anything you want…how you want to say it. if you have a problem with a person, you have the right to separate yourself from whoever you want in various ways. AOL/HP takes that decision away from us and they decide all that for us. Like a typical liberal attitude…”they know what is best for us” whether we agree or not.

      • I relate. I am a liberal, independent, always been a supporter of the President. I don’t use profanity. Something is terribly wrong if HP just arbitrarily puts out bans. First they send a notice you need to log in, even when you are logged in. Then they send repeated forms that send you on a goose chase to read how to log in. Next they send sites to fill in current password, but reject that. Then the site requests current password and new password and rejects the new password! Then they send multiple responses of the same site, until they finally indicate when you go to log in, again that you have been banned, but no reason for the ban. I have almost 600 followers. No one has commented my posts were inappropriate and they never were.

      • Best to free yourself of Huff. Although the community experience is the best I’ve found online, the feeling of being watched is just too much. Without free speech within reasonable (that word emphasized) limits, there is no enjoyment for me.

      • Free yourself of Huff. Although the community experience is the best I’ve found online, the feeling of being watched is just too much. Without free speech within reasonable (that word emphasized) limits, there is no enjoyment for me.

    • There is a saying “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it”.

      Yes, I often get my comments deleted on Huffington Post, even though I am careful not to post vulgar language.

      Huffington Post just does not respect the 1st Amendment.

      • Happens to me every day. They should NOT be allowed to censor any comments as it is against our first amendment rights!

    • I am more to the right than left, but was never banned til now. I think it might be because I don’t believe in or support Zioniism.

    • I believe I was banned because I said I did not believe in the
      “chosen people” myth.

    • I have had all three of my facebook accounts banned from the Huffington Post over the last six months. My posts on the Huffington are intended to offer others an opposing view in a fair and polite way. I don’t attack anybody or use any language that could be considered foul, one so readers will believe my sincerity and the other so not to get banned. Well I get banned anyway. Liberals are always talking about who we are as a people yet they break out very first amendment to the constitution without a single care to the dangers this presents to our form of society. The Nazis stifled free speech and look what it got them and the whole world.

      • Same here. I like to offer well reasoned, researched, polite counter-arguments to stories. I haven’t been banned but 90% of my comments are removed, even non-controversial things meant only to add relevent information since the moderators noticed me. Look at the number of comments made versus the number shown on any article. More and more they only allow opinions that match those of the author.

  3. wow, i so support you setting this up. are you still out there?

  4. Huffington Post arbitrarily deletes comments, bans those who post comments, and deletes profiles. The pattern of arbitrary censorship extends far beyond HP’s published moderation policies.

    Please sign the Petition to Stop Out of Control Censorship at the Huffington Post Censorship here: http://socialentrepreneurship.change.org/petitions/view/stop_the_out_of_control_censorship_on_the_huffington_post

    The petition text is a letter that gets sent automatically to the Huffington Post (community-support@huffingtonpost.com) every time someone signs. Note: you can edit or completely change the letter that gets sent when you sign so you can make it about any specific free speech issues that you like.

    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD FAR AND WIDE! Share the link on all of your social networks—Facebook, Twitter, etc!

    • When it’s so easy to be banned, even those who are liberal and progressive, that is an indication that HP will soon be riding into the sunset.

      • The banning is spreading, amusing to see so many left leaning dumped, along with centrists and right wing folks.

  5. I was banned at HP last night here is the full story:

  6. I was just banned today at HuffPo, ho-hum, HOWEVER!! why was I banned? Well, I offered an “OPINION” of the ‘der leader, Arianna, and that is a no-no, it seems. I offered that Arianna has never been into Obama and as she has been proclaiming as of late that Obama is “just not into his voters”. I then mentioned that when she was on Bill Maher’s show just yesterday and her commentary sounded a lot like a teabagger, Oops!!, guess that did it for me, but I call it like I see it. Glad I found your site.

    • How did you learn about teabaggers? Perhaps by practicing the art?

  7. Add The Young Turks to the list .. Cenk is trying so hard to kiss butt at Comcast / MSNBC that anything not center-right is censored . I had my profile eliminated because I dared to question the censorship of Huffingtonpost .. I was censored for talking about censorship.

  8. I have been a user of AOL fo many years and enjoyed the repartee of commenting on various topics however, since they sold out to that lot at Huff and Puff Post, I have been banned from commenting on anything … As a UK citizen, I strongly resent any form of censorship and especially from a goddamn Yankee organisation. stuff them … I’m off to another site …

  9. I was just banned from Huff post and am awaiting some kind of explanation. How is it Rush can call someone a slut and I question Romney about raising minimum wage and am banned? From what I have read I guess I will not receive an explanation.

  10. How naive I was! I’d compose a short paragraph of commentary on different topics at HuffPo. My politics are the the “left” of the thing, in general. I just realized my last four posts never showed up, and I suspect it’s because my comments are unlike any of the others that show up there: dull, mundane, politically-correct crap, usually.

    I have a lot less respect for that rag than I did before, and I never respected it all that much to begin with. Arianna can suck me, the big phony. (<—-No WAY that would make it at HuffPo!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent, and I know I'm in good company with those of a very different political persuasion than mine.

  11. I got banned this morning, after replying to a post by their Scientologist blogger, Greta van Sustern, who shouldn’t be yapping about human rights abuses when her church is committing them every day.

  12. I have been banned by aol so many times that I now have a PHD in anger management. I never became abusive or used foul language. they just threw me off because I am a conservative

  13. What the Huffington Post censors is not the “liberal” or “conservative” points of view but the TRUTH. The false liberal vs. conservative paradigm is part of the con job being pulled on society. However, there is some truth on both sides and whenever either of these misled proponents speaks that truth, they get censored. I have also been censored because I tell the truth with regard to the homosexual agenda, the feminist agenda and the neverending war agenda, all being perpetrated on us by the 1% of elite Luciferians in control. I also mention that these Luciferians also use a “left vs right” paradigm with regard to religion, ie mainstream 501c3 state controlled churchianity vs. rabid hatemongers like Fred Phelps and his gang, both equally erroneous and both giving true believers in Christ a bad name especially when we try to stand up for God’s Word against the abomination of homosexuality. I get called every name in the book by the homos and accused of “stoning people to death” (OT) and also accused of being one with Fred Phelps and his cult. When I give them a sound and scriptural rebuttal as well as mentioning that most of professing “christianity” is false and that Jesus Christ is not religious but spirit and Truth, I get censored. Even though I made clear that I don’t hate homosexuals, only the demon that possesses them. I made clear that the ones who did the stoning in the New Testament were the hypocritical religous leaders, closet homosexuals and unbelievers. The one’s who got stoned were Stephen, the Apostle Paul, etc. for telling the TRUTH. But the Huffington Post, who is obviously pro-sodomite and anti-free speech, will not allow anyone to speak the truth about any subject. I am also anti-war and believe what Jesus said about loving my neighbors, which includes the Muslims and Palestianians. The homosexuals posting accused me (by merely assuming) of being a warmongering, hater of Muslims (as most of the false churchians are). And of course when I stated that I am anti war (a usually liberal stance) and that I love my Muslim/Mid East neighbors and that the International bankers are the ones behind all the wars, I (of course) am censored again. We all know who the mass media work for (international bankers). That’s why they suppress the truth. It has nothing to do with liberal vs. conservative which is just a trap set up by them to keep people in the dark.

    • I believe you need some serious help. There are some screws loose somewhere.

    • You do certainly seem hung up on homosexuals, are you perhaps suppressing your true feelings? The same applies to your hatred of Muslims – please get help.

      • Hey Glen ……….. what is wrong with hating faggots? What is wrong with hating terrorists. There are only two types of muslims 1. terrorists 2. terrorists in waiting

      • “Faggots” – you have clearly defined your bigotry with the use of that word. As to Muslims, you also probably believe all Muslims are terrorists. I see now why HuffPo banned you. You are a TROLL and a biggot as well, and I’m being a gentleman in the choice of my words here. Go ahead and practice your free speech and keep up the good work of showing your true colors.

      • I guess you would feel better if I had said that I hate men who put other men’s penis’s in their mouths and who swallow ejaculation and who put their penis’s in another man’s anus. Oops that the definition of a faggot. HuffPuss has no use for anyone who questions their anti-American, faggot, muslim loving site. Rest assured I despise you and your beliefs and even though you are wrong, I do not reccomend you be thrown off any site just because your views are not those of mine. You are free to spout your nasty filthy ideas, however, I cannot tell the HuffPuss posters what mine are. It is called the closed mind syndrome.

      • And you are in my opinion a latent homosexual (closet-case) who is oppressing your desire to secretly be with another man and have anal intercourse and anal stimulation with the partner’s tongue (rimming) as well as swallowing of the others ejaculate. Oh, I’m sorry if I turned you on with my words here, and gave you an erection with your tiny penis there? Better go pray that gay away ASAP. You go right ahead and keep proclaiming your bigoted HATEFULL rhetoric. Now we see what sort of troll we are dealing with here.

      • You are a typical new age perverted homosexual who actually is indoctrinated with the pathetic notion that anyone against homosexuality is actually homosexual.
        Pathetic gay fool !
        Men putting their penis’ into other men’s anuses is absolutely disgusting but you will never understand that – in your depraved mind.
        There have never been bigger bigots in the history of mankind as gay bigots.
        You are so self-opinionated, self-righteous and bigoted that you ludicrously consider anyone opposing your view must be someone who actually believes in your way of thinking and living.

        You sir, are a bigot beyond belief !!

    • Correct you are they can’t handle when someone goes against there narrative with the truth.

    • Grow up, Auntie.

  14. I went ahead and pulled up this page assuming my comment would be rejected. Surprisingly, it was approved for once! But here is another previous comment which was not approved, written in response to another comment on “In Defense of the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

    “Like you said, the FBI does not designate hate groups, so someone must do it. I think you are forgetting the fact that the SPLC is exercising its rights to inform the public about groups that hate. It is only telling the truth, and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

    With that said, I do see how the SPLC can be a bit over-the-top at times; nonetheless, if you were a member of an historically marginalized group, you would have respect for an organization like the SPLC who stands up and fights for the rights that we are all guaranteed, but which have unfortunately been denied to various groups throughout history.”

  15. As a paid AOL subscriber who had been “THROWN OFF” Huffn’Puffn’ under “MoonBeamWatcher” for an undisclosed reason THEN reINSTATED as MoonBeamsWatcher with over 100 positive replys . . . sans Potty Mouth and pro CONSTITUTION. I had been mad as hell over Obamas attack on the Cambridge Cop who would have been TOAST if he wasn’t a seasoned vet who also gave “Race Relations Instructions” for the Cambridge, MA Police department and the MA State Police. Then we had the PLAY another RACE card over the Florida Shooting! OUTRAGED that nobody brought CRIMINAL charges against THE New Black Panthers or the edited 911 tapes! BHO or is it BHS has proven to be a DIVIDE and CONQUER race baiter and not ALL AMERICAS president! SOB set back intelligence gathering to that of the STONE AGE with his Identification of the MD who aided the CIA and FBI in Bin Ladins location followed by the ID of Seal Team 6 members which placed Team and Team Family Members at risk of attack by Jihadists! THEN TO REFEER TO THE Ft. HOOD MASSACRE as a “Work Place Incident” unbelievable! To have then again banned me after all my posts were SCREENED while a AOL feature was a man giving a horse a Lewinsky – I say “Shut the Front Door” these creeps are without shame as they outrageously support pro-OBAMA anti American posts! H&P do not like my usual sign-off, OMG! = Obama Must Go!

  16. HuufPost relies on individual moderators who use their discretion – or bias – on whether to allow a post to be published or not. A particular moderator may not like a particular commentator and may systematically censor him. So, it all depends on who is moderating. It may be personal. Trying to complain to someone higher up is a very difficult process, since one has to really jump through many hoops to bring up the right webpage, which are practically invisible, where complaints can be made.

    I don’t suppose a boycott would help, but these sites do rely on how many hits they get, and advertisers do look at the amount of traffic on any particular site.

    One way to get around the censorship is to link to the article on Huffpost, or some other partisan site, to a site such as Topix, which has a far more open and tolerant policy, as well as a far superior format that doesn’t direct one’s replies into obscure threads that no one else sees.

    • I agree anything to get huffington they hate truth always democrats

  17. Thank you for warning me about HP. I’ve been reading news articles of this through AOL and stated my reasonable opinions on some topics. One time, I saw an article about a crazy lady who drove 100mph on a 30mph road. She told the officer that God told her to drive her car at crazy amounts of speeds while honking her horn. The replies I got from different people had mocked the bible. I tried looking for my posts, but they deleted it because they hate my opinion. I remember typing something similar to this: “The true and only God won’t command a person to break the law and drive recklessly.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/21/melissa-miller-godspeed_n_2170816.html
    As you can tell by the mentality of these people.
    Still, thanks for warning me about this. I’ll stay away from this site.

  18. Just banned at huffpo myself after many years. I’ve always been caustic in my posts, but see no reason for being banned. I think a mod 2 didn’t like me. The site had gone to hell anyway after the AOL debacle. They can sukkit.

  19. I would like for someone to please tell me why this post got censored.

    Drive a cab for a couple years and you’ll see right where the problem is. I would like just one government study on how many welfare recipients have had MULTIPLE children while receiving benefits. All you need is to hear one high school girl crying into her cell phone that she can’t get pregnant and has to find a job and you’ll have a good idea what the answer will be.

  20. These actually got through…

    blueeyedbull: “No wonder people make multiple comments, they are hoping one gets through.”

    Me:I will favorite your comment and reply in a most acceptable way. This should increase my chances of being found appropriate and worthy to make a contribution to the thread.

    Ha ha! Post after post had been rejected and this one got in. I was amused.

  21. Even on the Amazon site people have posted their experiences with Huffpost.


    • HuffPuss sucks, but I would like to tell the liberwhiners how I feel about them

      • Me, too. I can’t even get through to them on their contact page to complain about a removed comment or make a suggestion about their policy. They’ve insulated themselves from criticism.

      • The liberweasels are afraid to know how the working half of the nation feels about them. Parasites all.

  22. I read this post fully regarding the comparison of most recent and earlier technologies, it’s remarkable article.

  23. Well I was just banned after only my third comment. All I said was the kardashians were silver spoon spoiled brats and asked if we could trade them to china for some scientists. Is that really that bad???? That was the only comment I posted that had any negativity in it. Wow they are like nazis over there!

    • Typical Huffpuss

      • YES . . . everyone knows Huffn’Puffn SUCKS the question is do THEY swallow every time or sometimez!?

    • Try posting anything negative about our Mullah in the white house or defending crackers from racist black posts and see how quickly you get banned.

    • Ah, you were being sarcastic ( and funny ) Huff Post won’t tolerate that anymore.

  24. It appears to me that people who boast of being “banned” by Huffpost often have merely discovered that Huffpost evaluates comments on the basis of their individual qualities and not for how well they do or don’t express the “truth,” whatever that means. In my experience, web forums that actually ban individual posters for other than vile language are likely to be operated by extreme right-wingers who can’t abide any quibbling with their loony points of view.

  25. I’ve been banned from the huffington post, the saltlakecity tribune and stormfront. How’s that for a start?

  26. Hey there folks! Just got my ban today too! Not sure how you guys are inserting comment boxes, but here’s what got me banned:

    “Help me to understand:

    Sandy Hook was a gun control advocate’s dream palace. It was gun-free. The signs were posted. The heavy security doors were there. The gun control laws there were very strict. The kids were absolutely defenseless. It was everything that the gun control advocates wanted. When they got the laws that they asked for, they told us that it would be fine.

    But it failed. These ideas failed. The kids were not protected. And now 26 of them are gone.

    Why aren’t gun control advocates reconsidering their strategy, again? It seems to me that if you’re still going to stick to those ideas after you can clearly see that people are being killed, then what you are effectively doing is putting your ego ahead of peoples’ lives.”

    • I can now add the nation to my banned list. The left wing sites only want to hear their ideology in comments, guess it’s a liberal thing, if you don’t say what they want you to, they shut you out

      • Try Huff Post, they’ve turned into more and more right wing extremist comments and been dumping centrist and liberal.

      • Maybe the right wing is where the money is.

  27. I just found this site. Very interesting. Thanks for the enlightenment re: HP. I’ve wondered why some of my missives never hit computer screens at your house/ office because they apparently got thrown into that big trash can in the sky. I hope I’m able to find this site again.

  28. Yes! Finally something about kwds.

  29. HP seemed like fun at first. Then I began to notice that certain comments of mine would’nt show up til way later, if at all. This pattern would appear to occur randomly. Recently, the HP format morphed into a different even less wieldy and more limiting format which appears to be richer in content. It’s not. Bottom line. Big waste of time.

    • Yah, this site does look like a set up. I just noticed her pic showing lotsa skin & all wrapped up. Cute.

      • The photo of the individual pictured does not correspond to anything. It’s a fake. This site to is just another cigar store indian for folks to bang on.

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  32. I am banned for three days, and contacted Huffpost about the bias evident in their editorial policy. I posted the following:

    Dear Eric,

    You mentioned ‘multiple violations.’ I would be very interested to know what specific violations occurred. Was it profanity? Threats? Spamming? Prohibited words and terms? Personal attacks? I don’t believe I committed any of those transgressions. It would be useful to know these things so as to avoid them in the future, as the guidelines are not clear beyond those criteria. They are vague and open to interpretation, and seem to be assessed at the discretion of the moderators, who, without doubt, have their personal biases. For example, why can people call me a ‘homophobic bigot’, which happens all the time on gay forums, and which can only be considered as a personal attack and an attempt to insult me, and this passes; whereas, if I reply tit-for-tat and call them a ‘libertine pervert’, for example, this is censored. Shouldn’t we all be held to the same standard? Or, might it be addressing a community moderator personally or criticizing Huffpost for their policies? Are those tabu? More clarity and more specifics in your guidelines would be helpful. As it is, I often spend time and effort composing a thoughtful comment or a reply, only to have these never appear or to be subsequently deleted. This is frustrating, and the censorship and the anxiety that one’s comments may be censored does not create the pleasant experience that is a stated goal of the Huffpost policy. It certainly has a chilling effect on free expression. So, I would happily agree to your terms if I knew more specifically what they were so that I could abide by them.

    And why are community moderators even allowed to participate in discussions? They actually act in the role of referees and should be held to a high standard of impartiality, as much as this is possible, and trained to apply a narrower and more objective interpretation of the guidelines. Allowing their participation and their subjective interpretation is like having to play a game against a team, some whose players are also, the referees. The Huffpost editorial board might include demonstrated fairness and impartiality as among the criteria used in selecting your moderators.

    My participation in these forums, as well as others like me who may express controversial and unpopular points of view, are actually a plus to sites such as yours. It creates much more interest and keeps people coming back to your site again and again, increasing the number of clicks for your site and thereby, increasing its commercial value. Allowing people to participate in forums is a wise commercial policy, because I know that I, personally, wouldn’t visit your site nearly as much as I do or at all, if I didn’t have the opportunity to comment. I don’t think you should ban people or their comments based on their viewpoints, or even give the impression that you do. (There is actually a site devoted to your exclusion of people from the Huffpost community: Muzzled at the Huffington Post? | Sick of the Controlled Opposition? Go ahead: Vent your spleen. )

    People who participate on forums quickly learn that it can get rough, and if one is unable to take it, then like heat and the proverbial kitchen, they should just get out. That is just the nature of this beast. Or perhaps Huffpost should have a forum lite version, where more sensitive people might express themselves, and another format that would be the verbal equivalent of cage-fighting.

    I participate on other forums such as Topix, which is freewheeling and far less draconian than Huffpost. This hasn’t seemed to have created any problems for anyone. I have been able to say pretty much anything I have wanted all the years I’ve been there with never the anxiety that I will be censored.

    I hope that you take my comments, observations and suggestions under consideration. Oh! One last suggestion: Why not create Conservative Voices? This would broaden your audience exponentially and create much more interest and participation in your site without Huffpost having to change its main left-leaning editorial policy.

    • Fine, logical and straight forward presentation!
      Hufn’Puffn’ refuses to detail just why they threw me off.
      Think my sign off of OMG! = Obama Must Go!
      Did it for me as it upset one of the Faithful Idiots who
      police and issue removal of folk who don’t think properly.

  33. I was banned yesterday, no explanation, just banned. Even criminals have the right to face their accuser, but on HP, you are considered worse than a criminal if you don’t agree with them and their agenda.

    • The control/censorship has been building and now that they have forced people to use Facebook, it’s gotten even worse. Innocuous comments never show up. It seems if you make too many comments, they stopped that. It’s time to close my now banned account. Interesting I had almost 600 followers, until they kept making it difficult to sign in. It was progressive. First difficult, then ok, next more and more rejcect, no matter how tasteful the comments. Then endless sign in requests, but no way to sign in. Persistance on how to sign in led to being being banned.

  34. For anyone’s interest, here is what I was told about some of their policy:

    Eric from Huffington Post Support (Huffington Post Support)
    Jun 07 22:13 (EDT)

    Your account is now unblocked.

    Please note that those with a “moderator badge” are no longer comment moderators.

    We withdrew permission from community members to delete comments quite a while ago. All moderation is done by word filters and human moderators who are part of the AOL/Huffington Post staff. Your account cannot be suspended or banned except by a paid, trained staff member.

    ERIC W.
    User Support Specialist | Huffington Post Media Group

    • I believe I’ve been banned on more then just a few occasions from Huffpo. I would get a comment in the comment section stating: “You are banned from posting comments on Huffington Post.” Never have I been told why or given an opportunity to ask anyone anything. I’ve never5 been told why. These bannings have gone from as short as 10 days or so to a couple of months. I have no idea what I could have said that was so upsetting to their “modarators.” I too wish they would publish their rules and regulations so I won’t viol;ate them in the future.

  35. I wrote back:

    “Dear Eric,

    “Thank you for your prompt reply and for the information you provided concerning Huffpost’s policy and situation. Still, would Huffpost consider publishing the list of words that are filtered by the word filters so that commenters on the forums could know to avoid using these and and being left in limbo and bewilderment when their posts remain unpublished or deleted? I, for one, – and I don’t think I am alone – spend some time composing my comments and constructing my arguments only to have these never appear, perhaps because of an unfortunate choice of word. If I suspect that is the case when the comment doesn’t appear after some time and I try to change the likely offending word, spam filters prevent the comment from bring reposted since it would be identical to the former with the exception of the one word. This makes for a very frustrating experience when I am prevented from replying to another.

    “Some words are obvious, of course, but some are mysterious. For example, at times I have referred to the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Often times, my comments are not published when those names appear regardless of the context. It makes discussing about Sodom and Gomorrah impossible even if done in a scholarly way or merely to make a point. On rare occasions, comments that included these names did appear. So, it could leave people guessing and worrying why.

    “Please consider once again my comments, suggestions and observations to better improve the experience of visitors to your site and those who participate in the Huffpost community.”

    And received the following:

    Eric from Huffington Post Support (Huffington Post Support)
    Jun 08 13:55 (EDT)

    “I am sorry, but your idea regarding filtered words is just not feasible for several reasons.

    “Most I cannot explain here, but I will let you know of one.

    “I am sure you have seen purposely misspelled words, or words with strange punctuation in the comment section. For example, people have figured out that moron is not a permitted word, so they started using “moran”. We banned “moran” so they went to mor.on, etc. Publishing a forbidden word list would only make this situation worse.

    “There are other very good reasons for this policy, but our policy is not to discuss the specifics of moderation, as you can imagine, for good reason.”

    ERIC W.
    User Support Specialist | Huffington Post Media Group

    So, now we have a slightly better idea.

    • Jeff must be a mooron

      • Yeah, must be. After all, I’m taking the time to write in?

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  37. Great site!

    I just sent this to the Huffpo moderators tonight,

    If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, did it make a sound? When I first joined HP I used to try to write multi paragraph informational posts and became frustrated that almost every one of them was put into pending status before appearing. Lately, in an effort to avoid the “comment pending” purgatory, I try to keep comments short, but these still get censored. If you post a comment and it goes into pending status for a half hour and then comes out of pending status 5 pages back in the comments section, will anybody see it? If you must put posts into pending status for no apparent reason, can they at least come out of pending status on the current page, rather than go back in to the time it was submitted? (which may be 500 comments old at that point). Also, an article explaining how a person could possibly avoid having their comment go “pending approval ” for no apparent reason, would be great. If a person has five hundred or a thousand comments and has not cursed, or praised Nazi’s or threatened death to anyone, shouldn’t that count toward letting their comment through without excessive filtering? If they do make a violating post I believe that the community will point it out within a few minutes anyway.

    Thanks for your time, J

    Wonder if they’ll respond.

    • You are laboring under the misconception that huffpuss gives a shit about you or other conservatives

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  43. How do I get banned from posting on this blog?

    • Just don’t post on this blog.

  44. Please explain why Huffington Post.allows people to have access to your private email address? I have posted less than 50 comments ans received a few threatening responses on my private email address.

    • Go into your settings and check the boxes that say you do not want notifications.

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  47. I think I’ve had it with Huffpost. Too many of my comments are just not being published. I’m going over to Topix or Politix to rant from now on.

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  53. I was banned yesterday (August 8, 2013). I am a journalist and free speech believer who hates the idea of political correctness. I posted humorous, usually ridiculous comments that almost always ran. Then when I mimicked a birther on Obama, I got banned! Glad to see I’m not alone. As far as “journalism” goes, HP writers and editors are incompetent. And they are the self-righteous thought police, too!

    • They seem to be unable to handle humourous. Even when one indicates it is a sarcasm, they are redlining.

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  55. After reading the huff po for years, I finally decided to join the fray and comment on the issues our society struggles with.
    Apparently you can’t comment seriously about anything.
    Only snarky humor is an acceptable commentary.

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  57. Huffington Post is a joke. My comments are frequently omitted or deleted because they do not like it that I support George Zimmerman. I have not called anyone names or post vulgar posts. I’ve noticed that the two themes that causes HuffPo to delete my posts or prevent my posts from posting are when I make pro-Zimmerman posts, anti-Trayvon Martin posts, and posts decrying the high violence rates among African Americans. Huffington Post censors a lot of these kinds of posts. If Huffington Post denies this then they are liars.

  58. Huffington Post is a joke. My comments are frequently omitted or deleted because they do not like it that I support George Zimmerman. I have not called anyone names or post vulgar posts. I’ve noticed that the two themes that causes HuffPo to delete my posts or prevent my posts from posting are when I make pro-Zimmerman posts, anti-Trayvon Martin posts, and posts decrying the high violence rates among African Americans. Huffington Post censors a lot of these kinds of posts. If Huffington Post denies this then they are liars.

    • I have simply given up on Huffington Post. I no longer visit their site and read anything they have to say. I just haven’t gotten around to deleting my account yet because I have better things to do, but when I have the time, I will do that also. I get my news elsewhere now and comment elsewhere as well. I’d like to write them a nasty letter, but I know it would do no good. Huffington Post can just go to Hell!

      • HP only posts left wing liberal BS. When I see an honest response on their posts, I’m startled as to how it got through. I’ve been banned from HP and reinstated for reasons stilll unknown to me. I’ve written and asked, but they don’t respond. Then, one day I’ll post something only to discover it was posted. My banning has ended and the goat, run out of town so gleefully, is allowed back, still under the same burden of sins. I think their editors are all voting for Obama as a write-in candidate for the next election. It would serve them right but I’m afraid it would destroy the country I love. I fought and was willing tio die for these scoundrals, only to realize that’s what my founding fathers would have me do. And I’ll still salute the office of the president as it’s the office, not the man or woman, I salute.

    • They also also dumping many liberal posters. Looks like far more liberals are getting dumped. So don’t take it personally. Join the club, right, center and left are being censored, banned dumped.

  59. The 47-year-old actress is now facing with her separation from hubby David Arquette after
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  60. Huffpost censors because they attempt to silence progressive thought and advocacy… Since their takeover by AOL there is a marked pattern of censorship, and permission for right wing fringers to go even so far as to threaten the president, especially one FOXY SHAZAM, whom is a true nutcase…. The fringers go at obama like a sharkfest feeding frenzy… expressing blatant hate and racism and homophobia, while the site’s ‘mods’ censor progressive expressions, even innocuous ones, that challenge the fringe right’s blatant hate… I believe this is related to the takeover by AOL, and has NOTHING to do with ‘trolls’… for the disparity of HPL opinion between left and right is STUNNING…. I won’t be back, for even their editorial content has shifted to the corporate right….

  61. I cancelled my account and am completely finished with Huffpost. I got this message from them:

    “Hey Leboazz,

    You have successfully closed your account with The Huffington Post. We’ll miss you!
    If you want to sign up again later, you may do so here.
    You can also reopen this account by following this link

    You will no longer receive social notifications from The Huffington Post. You may reopen your account at any time.

    The Huffington Post
    Privacy Policy | Copyright ©2013 TheHuffingtonPost.com, Inc.”

    Well, I won’t miss them. It was too frustrating to see all of my time and efforts composing a comment wasted when it never appeared. There are other forums and news sites like Topix that are more respectful of freedom of expression.

  62. Huffington post is a joke, Email support ask why you are banned? nothing back, not one reply. some comments are bad, yet they post them, everything is pending, they just pick on you, as soon as you become a super user, that`s it, you will be banned soon.Not many users are abusive, but Huff can`t tell the difference.

  63. Unreal. On the huff true americans are being labeled as jihadists and as long as it is coming from the left, no editing. I use the word stupid and democrat together and my profile was deleted. This is why I feel so strongly about the strong relation between leftists and Hitler. What more proof can one need

    • Why not capitalize the word “Americans”?

      • Really? Not here as well….grammar police? I am a 53 y.o. combat vet…dont question my americanism thru spelling…all it really does is portray your own ignorance.

      • Many veterans who fought for other nations are too stupid or too lazy to show their love for America by using capitals when called for. I don’t question your Americanism, I just question your patriotism.

      • As I question your mental state. And if you truly want to question my patriotism; name the place

      • My fondest hope was that Al Jazeera would provide enough upset
        and angst to cause the LameStream media to reHIRE the Journalists
        they fired to make room for the BEAN COUNTERS!

    • Ironic Tim, because many of us see a strong relationship between rightists and Hitler! And we re also getting dumped by HP.

      • The thing about “rightists” is their belief in and advocacy of small or limited government. It would be impossible to establish any sort of dictatorship if government were small and limited, so it’s not logically consistent to ever associate “rightists” with Hitler. Those supporters of Hitler were leftists and socialists, believers in big government and state power. NAZI is even the German acronym for National SOCIALISM!

      • Actually the meaning of Socialist in Nazi Germany was the opposite of what is usually described as Socialist today. It was a fascist organization, and very small government, run by one party, a very right wing party that professed to be terrified of communism. They curried the favor of the wealthy, owners of corporations and military until they got enough power to push there fascist agenda. All too similar to what is going on today in America.

      • You must be thinking of social democrats as the socialists of today, but Hitler really believed in state control of the economy. He believed that the economy was at the service of the state, and he put these principles into effect. You might define fascism like that, where ownership of business is still private, but serves the interests of the state, whereas, true socialism is a one-party system of government ownership and management of business and the economy. This was the case in communist regimes.

        I don’t see how that makes fascist governments right-wing, however, at least, not according to the American understanding of right-wing, which advocates for small government limited in its powers. As I said earlier, this would make a fascist or socialist government impossible if that were the case.

        What is happening in the US is a drift towards autocratic government where corruption is the rule and the rule of law means nothing. That is, nothing new, just the same old way the world has run for millennia.

      • We have a different comprehension of history. In my study and understanding of history, communism is the far left wing, and fascism is the far right, when politics goes too far to the left or right, it meets in dangerous extremism.

      • If fascism is the idea that the economy, business and civil society are at the service of an all-powerful state, then the recent incidences by the US government to force companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. to collaborate with the NSA and spy on Americans would certainly be an example of that. I would agree with you that the US is drifting in that direction, but this is not a right-wing phenomenon, as these policies are, also, being carried out by the current left-wing Obama government.

  64. Wow, I just experienced two rejections of anti-same sex marriage comments on a pro gay marriage article. My comments were insightful and thought provoking, not inappropriate. The article was about how hard it would be for a lesbian mother to have to explain to her daughters why there is a public vote for same sex marriage. ALL comments were supportive of this womans position. I simple wrote “A harder question to answer some day will be “Who is my Daddy and why does he not matter?”. This apparently is considered too sensitive for the gay community to think about.
    This kind of censorship is absolutely frightening.

    • It is beyond frightening. This was the same subtle muzzling that occurred in a slow sickening manner in pre-nazi Germany. Of course we are a different breed and a strong argument can be made it will never go that far here. The sad thing is what that truly means is at some point there will be violence. Nobody wants to discuss this or face this, much as the simple facts you presented in your posting

      • Agreed, it is a dangerous trend. Interesting that there are just as many right side commentators dumped as centrist and left.

      • One of the strong arguments of why it won’t go that far in the US is because there are 1) states and 2) there is a huge percentage of Americans armed to the teeth and wary of big government. The Nazis had first disarmed the citizens before they made their move towards dictatorship. There is implied violence, as you point out, and this might get the government to back down and behave itself. Let’s hope so.

    • It would be frightening if the government were doing this. However, HuffPost is a private entity that can do what it likes, and one can just take one’s business elsewhere, which is what I and many others here have done.

      It’s frightening, of course, that there are people who believe themselves to be upright and moral, whereas, they are actually self-righteous and sanctimonious, which fault makes them capable of unrighteousness such as censorship and much worse. The totalitarian regimes of recent history (Nazi and communist) really believed they were on the side of righteousness, and this sense of righteousness permitted them to commit all sorts of atrocities. So, we all have reason to be concerned when we see these attitudes tolerated or encouraged.

  65. Like many, I have been banned from AOL/HP. I have never been given any warning or explanation. I also have been a paid AOL user since it was created…my email is ”still” a many years old email address from the days of dial-ups infancy. I am no longer dial-up, of course, but keep the old email address because I have everything in my life set up under it. Evidently, sometimes the bans are only for a short time, because I was able to start leaving comment again and get fanned again….even though my fan count had been reduced to zero. I spent years building up my fan count, and I did it without being part of the badge programs. people like that ”earn” their fans. I suspect some moderator has ”followed” me or some other form of watching me and is suing their own bias against me to base their bans on me. I am conservative and never am popular of the ”Gay or Black Voices” topics. I don’t use extreme cuss word language and certainly am not a racist…but somebody evidently has labeled me as one and it can’t be further from the truth. I do consider my self a good verbal fighter, and even provocative….but I do that to combat against the comment I am up against. I think they call it passive aggressive….and the liberals are very good at it. It is far more offensive than anything I do. there is nothing more offensive than a person being mean to you, but has a smile on their face and makes you look like the bad guy instead. this is why I have been banned…I have been made out to be the bad guy…when I am not. It was the Zimmerman topics that really did me in….I agreed he was a bit of a jerk…but innocent of his charge…and certainly not a murderer. I also am not an Obama fan…so that has been a problem also. As far as my problems with Gay Voices…I respect their legal rights…and even have gay friends…but I make it known that I am not ever going to lend the gay community support with my vote on anything. but that is not enough of a middle ground for some gay moderators . I am not a racist and don’t hate gays…I just don’t support their cause. Not totally unlike how we deal with people from different political parties. We can disagree, but also be friends. too many moderators simply won’t tolerate anything negative against their position. Allowing other commenters to be moderators is a big mistake. that should be done only by AOL/HP staff…at least it will have some sort of checks and balance that way. A rogue commentor can ban people for ”nothing”. Why is this allowed to go on? Considering I am a retired veteran, I find being banned particularly offensive and insulting.

    • I solved the problem with Huffpost by completely deleting my account and making it a point to never visit their website. My life is so much better now, and I have so much more time to actually do things. Huffpost had been a complete waste of time. I know that now. There are so many other forums that are open to diverse opinions. Huffpost can just go to Hell.

      • I appreciate your reply , and it was a good one. We can’t change the world…I know that…but AOL/HP (I don’t even know why I even consider them different from each other anymore…they are the same thing now) sure don’t give us any chance to do that. Their staff and moderators delete conservatives for doing nothing but standing up to the passive aggressive comments and insults the liberals slip in. One way to often identify the worst one are the one who always end with ”have a nice day”…after calling you a racist or whatever. I agree with you, but naturally it is against the grain of people who care to cave in and ”simply go away”. I think that is what you have done….but I understand. I think I will do the same thing…because it is obviously futile to think I will ever enjoy using HP. The thorn in my side over this is that I ”pay” to use them. It’s a long story that goes back to the early days of the internet for me.Briefly…my email address is one that originated from when Walmart had it’s own dial-up ISP thru Netscape. then over the years, like many, I dumped dial-up. Walmart does not even sell it’s own internet anymore…but I still use that original email address from them and Netscape. I think I am the only person I know who uses Netscape…lol. My son says it is because I am old…lol. I actually ”still” pay a modest $5 monthly dial-up fee to keep that email address. Been doing it for 20 years. Just to keep my email address and old mail, bookmarks, etc. I know…it is really old and stupid. Your reply may help me get past all this and just dump them. I hate paying them and getting treated like this. Welll..and this explains why I use HP…it just so happens that Netscape used AOL as it’s home page. AOL used to be OK…but when Huff bought it…well..you know the rest. Due to how dumb I am with computers and my stubbornness and lack of knowing how to simply ”get rid of HP” as you suggested is my main problem. But…like you…I am ”finally” ready to do it. do you have any suggestions of a Homepage other than AOL/HP that has forums tied in with their homepage news stories that is more conservative friendly? It seem’s Huff has quite a domination going on in the news fields the internet uses. My son uses Yahoo and google chrome ..and he tells me it is better…but I have not idea. Any suggestions? I am like you and tired of wasting my time to participate in these forums only to be censored all the time. It is osrt of my hobby to debate issues…but I like to fight fire with fire….but HP allows the liberals unfair advantages. I feel that there are obviously ”some” grounds for censorship…but not the criteria that HP uses. Censorship should be rare. It is the ”Rogue Users” who become moderators and use their liberal bias that ruin HP. The tainted view that HP like to project makes it look like the Liberals are winning over all of America. That simply is not true…but they censor people people like us to alter the real consensus of citizens in these forums. OK..I got too long…sorry.

    • “do you have any suggestions of a Homepage other than AOL/HP that has forums tied in with their homepage news stories that is more conservative friendly?”

      You can set your homepage to any site. I set my homepage to the Ixquick search page, but you can set it to the Google or Yahoo! search page or some other. Or, if you are looking for a conservative site, you might set it to Townhall, Newsmax, WND homepage, etc. Go to one of these site’s homepage, then in your browser preferences, choose that as your homepage. They allow comments, but these are not as sophisticated as HuffPost. Topix and Politix are, also, forum sites that are more classically liberal with their policies concerning censorship. Good luck!

  66. By the way…and I hope this does not discredit me as a serious commenter here…but your reddish hair along with the rest of you is very pretty. It is a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for you serious reply. I was taken back by your beauty….and also amused by your hobby to be playfully tied up. Very sexy, and I mean that with the highest of compliments.

  67. This was censored- deemed “too sensitive to post”, after an article where children were clearly edited to speak pro gay marriage. It is the idea of censorship that is way more disturbing than any political opinion:
    This video is frightening. So incredibly forced and edited. Of course kids are going to prefer their own gender at this age. Gays are taking advantage of this vulnerable stage by blurring the lines between same sex mentoring and same sex attraction.

    Same sex marriages need all the help they can get for the sake of the future of society to encourage parents to stay with their children. Heterosexual people do NOT benefit from having first experimented with bi-sexuality first as a way of mixing the beauty of platonic friendships to compete with the sexual bond of marriage. (Just as they don’t benefit from having had pre-marital sex with anyone).

    Why would men and women ever choose to live together if not for the initial opposite sex attraction mixed with a higher calling of marriage commitment for the sake of the “other”? That higher calling needs to be worked on through the years. And work it is… because men and women without sex and children bonding in marriage would be tribes at war.

    Gay people should be doing what they can to help heterosexual marriages stay together rather than throwing another diversion in their path. But “it’s all about me” is the focus of gay marriage to begin with….. which is the curse of heterosexual marriages.

    I agree that gay people need to be respected, but gay marriage is not the path.

  68. I have been banned by huff post as well. Not sure what I said. I had over 300 followers. I thank you for having a place I can vent and place my comments.

    • Me too. I didn’t have any followers, just the occasional post.

  69. I love this blog. I have been banned for anti-government raves though I do love aerica citizens. I am American.

  70. %title%
    How Can I Get My Ex Back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzm-AosDBiA/

  71. These are the people responsible for banning accounts.

    Senior Product Manager, Moderation and Support: Stephanie Hapke
    Community Standards Manager: Melissa Hapke
    Lead Moderator: Paige Harmes

    They also have social media accounts

  72. relax cons, huffpo censors/deletes/ignores progressives as well…anything to the left of their viewpoint or that criticizes the administration’s drone killing policies is gone, daddy, gone. They are as corporate as exxon.

    • I’m a prog who’s now furious about the NSA overlook. So that being critical of the administraton of justice by my president and oversight by Congress, my comments are not visualizing anywhere at Huff Po except for my own comment account. Still being “credited” for unposted comments toward AOL’s “engagement” metrics, it appears.

      If this five years of pen pallies has been an “engagement,” I’d say it’s time to call the whole thing off. I thought I counted only when it counted. They have turned my circular file into a currency taken from their toilet. Where’s my share of that shite?

      Comments that clear posting without sensitivity restraints don’t refresh. Comments said to be posted are unavailable. Nothing to be seen at story sites, only in my account record. Some are not stored there while others are

      I’m wondering if Huff Po’s roll out of that awful new commenting platform was rushed by DoJ and NSA to gain traction over swarm intel as we were getting wind of this stinky telephony market. Huff Po’s new system is MUCH worse than the ACA’s online system after how many months?

      It still rolls like a clumsy clanky tank crushing comments with a single thread tread. If I were to design a system to misguide debate, it would roll like Huff Po’s.

      I now regret my successful campaign to make Most Recent the decent default, as it appears they appear less queer eyed, now, when of course they are quite myopic. Don’t jeopardize the status quo, even if you play games on TV, Watson.

      When Most Faved was the original default in Huff Po’s new comment system, all who came were echoing PR already advanced before them rather than crying SOS in the rolling waves Most Recent makes among us. Now that they can no longer suppress comment under the dropdown dead weight of it’s own inconvenience in the Most Faved silo from hell, they have turned to heavy clipping of our wings. Thanks for the long engagement, Robber Groom. Can I have my finger back?

      Buzz, buzz, don’t go to Huff Po. Honey pot, it is NOT! It’s Google to the maximouse. Google performs all of AOL’s searches for them. Heat map? Where’s that mouse been hovering? Or was that your cat?

  73. Since the NSA revelations, I have been advocating for an independent and fully empowered inquiry to find out WTF has been going on since George Bush Sr, ran CIA. Pick up where the Church Committee left off and review every administration’s participation. If that should lead to expulsion hearings for Feinstein and Rogers (our useless oversight chairs) and impeachment for O, well, that’s how a democracy rolls. I’m still getting over the shock that I voted twice for this Dick Nixon.

    So, needless to say, Huff Po has locked me away. I have discovered, though, that even though my comments don’t post at story sights, the account record collects many of them. I then copy my account and paste it at that story site to show the moderator, who is probably an algoryhthm, that they have a duplicitous bookkeeping problem. Sometimes the system tells me my comment has been posted. “Click here to see it.” Then it reports the requested comment cannot be found. Check the Prism system.

    So, I spent some time learning what AOL really wants from us. Our “dwell time.” “Engagement” is the most important factor for calculating how much an ad buyer will spend for space at any sight. Ad buyers even get refunded if the ad fails to visualize at the sight. But we don’t count, even if our unvisualized comments are being counted.

    If you want to get even with Huff Po’s biased comment suppression system, don’t go there. Deny them dwell time. If we don’t count for anything, why bother?

    I must say, since the HP system is behaving so strangely, is it possible NSA is fiddling with our sticks? Is AOL responsible for this rather draconian boot to our throats, or is it their partners in crime? I just read an old story that AOL customer searches are handled by Google. Half the time Huff Po seems not to even know what it’s other hand is doing. Google Chrome has been downloading HUGE files into my computer. Norton says millions have used this trusted file, even though it’s only a week old. Could that be the NEW FBI directives for our providers to follow? You won’t find out at Huff Po.

    • I deleted my account and no longer visit the HP website. I have gained immensely in time and freedom from frustration.

  74. I Guess I could pile on huff-po. but why? At least all of us here know what they are made of. It reminds me of when I was a kid in school and the teacher showed us a film of the nazis burning books, killing jews etc etc. After being banned from huff-po. I now must feel like Mike Huffington did when he turned gay to get away from Ariana the beast. Second amendment be dammed.

  75. Just got banned after two previous peeped smacks that cut off my comments for a few days. Not sure why either. I have occasionally masked a few choice words from their filter, like m0r0n, which they eventually wished up and blocked but I have had to do so in weeks. My commentary was libertarian and anti-statist, though I made several comments so I’m not sure which ones in particular got me banned. I suspect accusing someone of making up libertarian strawman arguments and accusing them of using HuffPoo as a liberal echo chamber might have done it. Got a little aggressive and heated with my comments but no worse than theirs, and no worse than the persistent “Teabagger” pejorative. It’s no big loss but it stings a lil because I don’t believe in censorship so I refuse to report nasty comments yet I get banned. I guess that’s the liberal version of free speech; only so long as it goes with the official line.

  76. I am 100% sick of websites like Huff Post… They let all the trash go through about people making nasty comments towards people who are being called Racist because they do not like Obama and how they hate republicans and how much they suck (Not to mention the post’s are 100% off topic) But they always show up and are posted. But then when someone… Example.. I posted how Obama always does thing’s like this and every single time he is caught with his pants down he lies and says.. OH NO THAT’S NOT TRUE… LIE LIE LIE….. It’s just terrorists and people telling lies… It’s really the GOP that did this… Lie lie lie… And then when he gets caught it just trails off and never answers the questions and says that it’s all done to expose terrorists… And then when posted. I never said I nasty thing… Its marked and flagged as a post that needs to be reviewed…. And within 30 mins its deleted. Out of 200 post’s I have made on huff post. 1 has not been deleted. And it was because I was posting about a women with a special needs kid who was threatened that her son was going to be killed. And I posted how messed up that is and I hope the police find that POS and put them in the chair and kill them. Funny enough that post didn’t even get flagged. It went right through and posted right away. And never got deleted and is still up. But I just checked my past post’s. And only 1 is listed. They are so one way and nasty… They do not like hearing the truth and they are nothing but chickens. One sided liberal idiots… That’s what they are and they know it!

    • Bigrob: I couldn’t concur more. Five million (or, is it ten million now) have lost their health insurance but how many are black. Blacks are only 13% of the population:

      A) They will not be dropped from their current policies (if they have any);

      B) They will not pay a premium for Obamacare, but whites will and, so will minorities other than blacks, such as Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans, etc, etc, etc.

      Obama is a black’s president but people at conservative newspapers or TV networks will dare not reveal tyhis. The entire Obamacare, food stamp and welfare program, not to mention discrimmination against whites in employment, are part of Obama’s agenda.

      • I disagree, millions of white Americans respect Obama’s abilities, and centrist positions. And having been one of those who got screwed by private medical insurance because of a preexisting conditon, I am relieved to see how many millions of others will NOT have to sell their home, lose their pension, retirement and savings because of the greed of Insurance companies, and I know numerous people who could not afford insurance until Obamacare! Better yet, we need single payer, but the Pres did the best he could with all the histrionic opposition.

      • Well said Gary. Couldn’t put it better myself! Anybody who doesn’t see that is either a fool or are part of the disinformation agents.

  77. Muzzled at the Huffington Post? | Sick of the Controlled Opposition? Go ahead: Vent your spleen. north face outlet woodbury commons ny http://www.couponmom.com/couponmom/index.php?module=content&brand=north-face-sale&pid=1385632800

  78. Well as of Dec. 10, 2013 Huff Post has decided to STOP ‘anonymous’ comment postings… get this… unless you use your Facebook ID (no matter how fictitious that might be).

    Over the last 6 months it seems that EVERY site you go to wants you to fave them on Facebook, so whats up with this… is everyone getting a payoff.. or has the government decided that Facebook is a good place to keep track of the dissidents???

    Not only has HP been the queen of click baiting headlines, the censoring of everyone from the rightwingnuts to liberals voicing concerns in general.. when HP doesn’t like their opinions… which after years there has started to prove that they are just another corporate propaganda mill selling you the illusion that this was a left leaning progressive site… indeed it’s not.

    I realize that it’s hard throwing that monkey off your back.. but let go of Huff Post… it’s harmful to your health and showing itself to be exactly what it’s always been… smoke and mirrors.

    • Agree 200% Huff post has gone from a good place to vent, and comment, to a place that says [“Agree with us, and the liberal ban everything Democrats, or we will not print your comment] There aint no gravity, it’s just Huff Post sucking!

      • Look they KOed many of my comments too… and I’m so far left I actually tell the truth about everything when I discover it lol. What they don’t want is enough truth to make people think, take a stand or fight against those who are destroying us. They are just maintaining the corporate medias’ status quo.. which means keeping the left and right at each others throats while the elites steal everything, everywhere on the planet. Don’t let them play you… it’s far worse than you can imagine.
        Follow the money.

    • It’s not just HP forcing people onto Facebook. People with websites are finding they are pushed onto page twenty or deeper, unless they have Facebook link. This is a corporate game, that reveals how dangerous corporations have become in this country.
      I am centrist, and got dumped from HP because of comments about danger of corporate oligarchy dangers.

  79. HuffPo is a trash website. Forget about them.

  80. I have had it with Huff Post. Their most recent attempt to gain access to who you are shows me they are so far to the left, their about to fall off the planet. Give them all the information they want, just to be able to post on their stupid blog, they might as well ask you to display your name, address,[sorry no P.O. boxes], and phone number. Screw Huff Post, FOREVER!

    • Why would you assume that they are leftist tactics? These are Corporate Media tactics bent on disinformation, which are about as far from the left as Obama has shown himself to be. Everything he has done since he came to office should have made most of the GOP very happy indeed. He’s been pro war, violence, drones, torture, anti-Constitution, spying on and criminalizing citizens, pro monopoly corporations and Wall St….. so what’s your beef?

      Sometimes I really wonder if people who follow the no, no way, ‘nothing for the people’ governance of the far right even know what real progressives stand for.

    • It is disturbing to me that many people consider this kind of censorship to be leftist. I am an extreme liberal and I’m absolutely against censorship. It reeks of tyranny: in China the internet is strictly censored. And of course many other places. Self-expression with the First Amendment backing that is a wonderful aspect of democracy.

      • I wasn’t seeing leftist censorship of HP. It seemed to be very right censorship, as if they wanted to move away from any center/left opinions. This is why I suspect they may have been hacked by Tparty.

    • I deleted my account and no longer visit the HP website. I have gained immensely in time and freedom from frustration.

    • It really pisses me off when people have to divide everything into left or right, it’s like some sort of mental illness, it is people on the right who seem to do it though (seem like I have caught the mental illness lol).
      Let fucking face it, you are an American I presume, where politics is divided better the extreme right and the ever so slightly less extreme right. There is no left.
      It is relevant if it is left or right, it is just plain wrong, so I agree with you on that point.
      As others have said though, it is the left of have most to fear because 90% of the media is owned by the right, so it is the left who are losing their voice.
      If you think HP, owned by AOL is left wing you are nuts.
      The guy who runs AOL earns $12m a year, I doubt he is very left wing!!!
      But you are right, boycotte HP, I have, I no longer post because I won’t verify my account, there are plenty of other places where you can post anon.

  81. Found this site after HuffPo started forcing links to FB accounts. Well, they are getting what they deserve, if not what they want. The HP comment universe has become a virtual dead zone with what looks like around a 90% reduction in volume. Couldn’t happen to a nicer organization.

    • I feel the exact same way, and no longer waste my time or energy getting rejected by a one sided, agree with me or else, pathetic sphincter muscle like the HP. If fair journalism were dynamite, HP would not have enough to blow their nose.

  82. What a bunch of weak, whiny right wing boobs you all are. There are just as many right wing mods censoring comments there; I have had many, many comments censored by mods simply for criticizing Republicans as the ignorant, evil plutocratic stooges that they all are.
    The censorship has now reached an all-time low with the facebook verification. There is nothing left wing about that, just another cheap tactic designed as a money grab by that “noted Marxist” Zuckerberg and the AOL Corporation that, as we all know, is a communist plot.

    If you want to complain about something, complain about something factual. Complain about the fact that your country has been taken over by plutocracy. Then go back and look at which party was the one who enabled it, simply because they could not compete demographically, so they unleashed money and called it speech. Then go find a mirror and criticize the person who appears there.

    • If you could stop the name-calling maybe we could have some consensus between fair-minded people

    • Well said!

    • HP is owned by AOL, they are not an left wing organisation!!!
      Which party did enable ‘it’ anyway.
      Also as both parties are essentially the same what is with all this left/right bollocks?
      The government is owned by the banks and big business all they care about is themselves making money and staying in control, all they care about is money for themselves, the left side of the dollar is the same as the right side of the dollar in their eyes.

  83. Well, I too was just banned from the Huffington Post. They can attack …. En Mass…. Any conservative viewpoint. But, disagree with any progressive viewpoint, and you are gone.

    • They actually delete many many progressive posts too… ones that call them out on their particular brand of disinformation, which is actually keeping the division between Americans alive and well!!!

      Huff Post IS NOT A LIBERAL SITE, it was created to give the illusion of an alternative voice but it’s still a corporate media propaganda mill.

    • I’ve figured out there are actually TWO groups of Conservatives.

      The Tea Party is NOT a group but random people wanting smaller government and big brother off our backs. They DON’T advocate violence but sound angry because they are angry at the way America is effed.

      The OTHER Conservative groups like Bush are into the Globalists like a Hydra plant using warfare and are using the Republican Party to confuse the issue.

      They are trying to divide and conquer so that those who don’t pay attention will think they are being patriotic supporting the neo conservatives which pretends to act like how they think but don’t really.

  84. I Consider myself a pretty left leaning progressive person but I am smart enough to ask valid questions and know when I’m reading a pure propaganda piece. Somehow in 2.5 months, with more than 200 followers I got inexplicably banned. This is the 2nd time I was banned and I was extra careful not to do anything to draw attention to myself but apparently being an independent thinker is enough to get you banned. They should be ashamed of themselves for pretending to encourage open discussion but instead really just want sheep to agree with their propaganda.

    • Maybe they thought you were me registered under another name. Finally, I completely cancelled my account – I was so sick of them and their censorship – and have never deliberately visited their site since.

      I think they do this for sadistic kicks, banning people and censoring their comments at random just to screw with their minds. I have read a lot of comments here from very bewildered people like you who just can’t figure out what they did wrong. There seems to be no pattern.

      You know what? They are not worth it. I get my news elsewhere and participate on other forums now, and my life is so much better since.

    • It’s amazing how widespread this senseless censorship on Huff Post has become. LIke you, I do not use threatening language, disrespectful language, express my opinion, and will use sarcasm, and say so in case it doesn’t translate, but nothing offensive. They’ve got some real control issues and appear to be dictated to by some radical source.

  85. I just completely canceled my Huffington account after 7 years of being active there. I couldn’t stand the moderation/censorship any more and didn’t want to just be a good little girl for them. Arianna has a new idea for a Global Network and I said that it would be nice if she permitted people free speech on it. That comment was censored and then I got pretty mad and wrote to them about censorship and freedom of speech. I think I was banned then but I didn’t stop to find out. I canceled them once and for all. And I’m glad.

    • I cancelled my account, also. Like you, I just couldn’t stand the censorship. They can all go to Hell.

  86. Not sure why Huffington Post doesn’t want open and honest discussion about the pressing issues of the day. Below is the post they refused to let me say out loud on their site, but I believe these are important points we should be brave enought to discuss in the public square:


    Child poverty is indeed heartbreaking. We cannot adequately address the scourge of child poverty without talking about things we whisper about in private but loathe to discuss in public. Those things we whisper about in private can be summed up as values and socialization. Children model the behavior they see – values; and children morph into the citizens we tell them they must be – socialization. We have a values deficit and a socialization misalignment in many of our communities and these two insidious thieves conspire to form the most powerful contributing factor to perpetuating child poverty.

    Two things must happen in order to fix this. We must begin to love and engage one another across socio-economic strata. And those of us who have harnessed a firm set of values that affirm the dignity and worth of all human personality and the unrelenting commitment to family have to step into the voids within our communities and bear one another’s infirmities.

    When I see the distant stare of the wayward teen on the subway, I must draw to him, not cower away from him. I must make it my business to know how the kids across town are doing and lend my bare hands and my open heart to helping them make a way out of no way. Government has done as well as government can do; but you and I have much more work to do as individuals. Love finds a way.

    • Scandalous! 🙂 Frankly, I think the HP moderators are deranged.

    • Thank goodness you were smart enough to make a copy of your statement before it disappeared in the HP wastebasket. Now we can appreciate it here. What kind of petty tyrants must work at Huff?

  87. Latest report: it is a relief not to be chained to Huff Post anymore. But occasionally I look at it out of curiosity. This morning I’ve noted that Arianna Huffington has a BIG new idea, which is being tooted all over Huff. It’s about a global blog. There have been several articles by Arianna re this lately. The most comments any of these articles has is 95. Now out of the hundreds of thousands (millions?)
    of supposed members, it’s amusing to see how little attention she is getting. Meanwhile, heads up! New fascinating article featured about a girl who does not use toilet paper.

    • A lot of us have noticed the quality level of articles on Huff Post. disgustingly trivial, often teasers that turn out to be total waste of time.

  88. i don’t know why anyone bothers with HuffPost. They are a news aggregator like so many others, which are not psychotic the way HuffPost seems to be.The ironic thing about HuffPost is that the reason why many people visit the site is because they are allowed to post their comments and participate on the forums. Yet, if HuffPost censors them and drives then away, as it has done with me, they are defeating their goal of getting people to visit their site.

    • But like I said, they’re psychotic.

    • Well one started because the Right was always screaming about how Lefty they are/were and posting was easy… but once you’re there for awhile you start to understand that they are in the business of bait clicking headlines to arouse outrage. So yes you are correct, they are simply news aggregators for profit and when one comments with proven data, they handily censor THAT reality. It was all about using emotions to get the numbers of hits.

      At that point you understand that it is exactly what it is… a faux leftist site.

  89. @@@ Julianne F :: Hitler said the same things you said about the Jews, when standing on his soap box garnering support. He called the Jews extremist. He blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s woes. He blamed the Jews for being to rich and keeping their money to themselves while the rest of Germany went poor. He scapegoated the Jews as being the sole problem for why Germany was in such horrible shape. He indoctrinated people into believing that getting rid of the Jews would solve all of Germany’s woes and problems. Hitler didn’t just come to power overnight. Hitler didn’t send the Jews off in to concentration camps one day. HE had to built support and approval for doing so. He used lemmings and brain dead people, into giving him power to do so. Just look at the similarities for Nazi Germany to, todays America. The business owner and the “Rich” are being blamed for all of Americas woes. The ” rich” are being blamed for keeping everyone including the poor down. The ” rich” are being called all kind of names from are leaders to are President. The ‘ rich” are being told they are hurting America and not helping America. Some liberal please answer this question. Have you ever got a job from a poor person ? I would never state that all “rich” people are good people, nor would I say all Jews are good people. But come on people, talk about profiling and judging. JUST GOT BANNED FroM HUFFPOSt for MAKING this cOMMENt.

    • Yes, I have gotten a job from a poor person. Don’t feel bad, HP is dumping left, right and center. I suspect they are targeting anyone that has concerns about the power of corporations. Our founding father, Jefferson was very concerned about this kind of imbalance. I am centrist, ( actually Eisenhower Republican right) but that persuasion has been pushed so far left, by the extrimism on the ultra right it doesn’t exist anymore.

      People of all races, creeds, religions have extremes on both ends. I have many rich friends and don’t blame them for being rich, I admire their talents, and work ethic, but anyone who has a conscience needs to be worried about the inequality of wealth. It is now as extreme as it was during the robber baron era, and getting close to the same levels that existed in Europe before the American Revolution. Monarchy, aristocracy that reigned then is equivalent to the powers consoldiated by corporations today.

      • I can live with the inequality of wealth so long as I can get by. It is the inequality of power that concerns me, and how it is all being centralized in DC. This is setting up the US for some sort of fascist state run by autocrats and the end of our constitutional republic.


  91. I was a HuffPo user named 12AngryMen, and I would categorized most of my posts as centrist. I usually displayed little fondness for Bush, and little for Obama, but probably leaned a little more towards the left overall. I was banned recently, for what I do not know, but my last comments essentially criticized Elizabeth Warren for not proposing a real solution to a problem. I wish I could make that sound flashier, but nope, that was all I said. Didn’t even criticize what she purposed, just said I didn’t see how it would solve the problem. Banned for commenting. No warning either.

    • What is interesting is how intensely they police the site… why are they so worried about our words?? Whether either end of the political spectrum or those in the middle… who cares what we say? Just print it and let the chips far where they may… anyway that’s what would happen in a free country.

      But we’re not.. and haven’t been a free country for a long time. 6 companies own 90% of the media information we’re fed and now the internet companies are doing the same monopoly corporation buy outs, everyone wants too much of everything and what gets lost for most of us…… is a free voice. gininitaly

    • Kind of spooky. I hate that kind of censorship; couldn’t stand it there any longer. Always felt like someone was watching over my shoulder.

      • That’s because they were! lol

    • There are a bunch of psychotics there who just like to screw with your mind. Just move on.

      • Something significant has changed at HP. Centrist comments, and even left of center, are resulting in many being cut with no explanations at the same time increasing numbers of very radical right wing commentators were insulting anyone who isn’t TParty type. Very disturbing. Makes me wonder if they got hijacked by the TParty.

      • Trust me, it wasn’t the Tea party!

  92. Nintendo reports hack attack; customer data safe [Market – Watch].
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    • spam?

    • Note. If you are here to flame me then GTFO. We don’t want you’re kind so I am telling you now.

      What we need to revive the gaming community is an open sourced Game Console like Nintendo but that allows the powers to be in the hands of developers as the Commodore 64 was.

      The original owner of the C64 had a vision of the power being in the hands of independent developers at an affordable price which went no more then 500$ for 16 beautiful colors and stereo sound which Apple at the time went for 2,000 dollars. IBM computers was up to 3,000$ if you wanted bigger memory that actually did something but still suffered a lack of sound quality and no voices yet.

      That’s right Apple went for TWO THOUSAND dollars which only did black/white some kind of shades to imitate blues and reds. As for sounds just a couple of beeps and boops with a fart kind of noise thrown in.

      I compared games and the Apple versions were not only ugly but downright creepy actually.

      Most people who got into the C64 did so late in it’s life because a person took over who didn’t know squat how to run a business did some bad stuff which Dad told me about but I don’t remember a thing he said. 😦

      Anyways we need an open sourced system like how Commodore had the Load Star community which looked like this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loadstar

      It started off as just a disk magazine but when the Commodore could go online in the early 90s connecting to Q Link (Quantum Link) they developed a BBS (Bulletin Board System) that allowed users to communicate in real time.

      In fact you could see the letters of what somebody would say as they typed it like with my typing you would see each letter magically form and if I hit back space to correct something you’d see the words vanish and replaced by something else.

      A typical Load Star disk had 4 sides. 2 disks for each volume and 2 sides to a disk with different programs including how to programs like one program would be a sprite program teaching you how to use the Commodore 64 color palette which was on par with the SNES.

      Another program might be a sound mixer where you can create and edit you’re own music and SFX using the Sid Stereo chip which there was a wide variety of special effects that could be use anywhere you program it too using C64 Visual Basic.

      Another program might be a greeting cards program to make you’re own cards and a few fun games thrown in on the list of things to do as well as an option to go online to join the Commodore community using you’re phone line.

      Some games were shovel ware but a lot were pretty creative like a game where you are this hammer and have to fill in the holes across a board that moves and there are obstacles that get in you’re way.

      Eventually there are multiple boards and if you run out of nails you have to wait until you can reload.

      A new Nintendo style game system combined with an open source approach like that would generate tons of money if approached right and people would be encouraged to be innovate reawakening the gaming community.

      Now we have better systems then the BBS which could be implanted to encourage people to discuss gaming including new techniques.

  93. Ironically, I’ve been banned from Huffington Post. and am a liberal!
    What is going on?

    • Huff post is just another corporate media white noise factory… let it go, they don’t really want REAL opinions from or for people to be informed about what’s really going on.

      There are other sites that are real leftist sites, but often even harder to work for some reason… one would think they would make it as easy as possible for people to connect and join together, but it doesn’t seem to be the case… odd, don’t you think?

      • So far I haven’t found a forum that works as well as Huff, where you knew when someone liked what you said and could read their answer easily. On the other forums, it’s hard to know if anyone’s answered you and the pace is not nearly as lively. Too bad. Because I’ve left Huff and still haven’t found a good substitute.

      • Ginger, I believe you make be on to what’s behind all the dumping. Many of my comments have been about the dangers of corporate oligarchy. Could be their corporate sponsors were getting stung by many of us calling the situation for what it is, a real danger to the country. And of course most corporations are controlled by so called conservatives, they have a vested interest in their agenda of government by corporation.

  94. I agree Joan… I’ve been digging too; Truthout, Daily Kos, Mother Jones, Bill Moyers… all very slow and complicated and none that seem to want our voices to connect together… which is what I’d like to see beyond each sites ego. Maybe together WE can make the change we need. Here’s a list I found… working my way down.

    Politico: 2,470
    9) Salon: 2,455
    10) Indy Media: 3,534

    11) The Democratic Underground: 6,992
    12) The Atlantic: 8,538
    13) The Village Voice: 8,922
    14) Daily Kos: 10,385
    15) Eschaton: 10,496
    16) New Yorker: 12,429
    17) The Daily Beast: 12,512
    18) Alternet: 15,763
    19) Common Dreams: 18,144
    20) Crooks and Liars: 19,337

    21) Buzzflash: 19,423
    22) TPM Cafe: 21,592
    23) MoveOn: 21,786
    24) Mother Jones: 22,277
    25) Amnesty International: 23,807
    26) Counterpunch: 23,841
    27) The Nation: 24,552
    28) Antiwar: 24,799
    29) Think Progress: 25,168
    30) Raw Story: 26,663

    31) The New Republic: 26,867
    32) Planned Parenthood: 28,207
    33) Information Clearing House: 28,605
    34) What Really Happened: 31,583
    35) OpEdNews: 31,835
    36) Bad Subjects: 33,120
    37) Political Wire: 34,698
    38) World Socialist Website: 35,122
    39) ACLU: 37,195
    40) Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: 37,494

    41) Media Matters: 37,650
    42) Feministing: 38,376
    43) Truthout: 38,809
    44) Drudge Retort: 41,472
    45) The American Prospect: 42,082
    46) Harper’s Magazine: 42,659
    47) Firedoglake: 42,836
    48) TruthDig: 44,389
    49) Wonkette: 45,704
    50) AmericaBlog: 45,195

    • Thanks Ginger! I’ll try some of the sites I haven’t been to yet.

      • Thanks JOan,

        Some of the sights, like the Drdge Report are pure TParty! I only read them when I need a good LOL. Anybody tried Mother Jones yet?

      • Yeah I don’t know how the Drudge Report got in there either lol, but I did look at a few with the biggest readerships and many of those were disappointing because of the lack of participation. Crooks and Liars seemed pretty good tho, I’ll be checking in on them more often now.

    • I would recommend Topix and Politix for forum debates, if this is what one is looking for. The format on Topix is strictly linear and chronological, and that means the advantage that everyone will have an opportunity to read your comment and jump in, instead of your comment being shunted into some obscure thread where it will most likely be read only by the person to whom you are replying. The disadvantage is that you will have to scroll through all the subsequent comments to find a reply to yours if someone has replied to you. Politix uses a format similar to HP and informs you when there is a reply to your comment.

      Yahoo also permits comments to their news stories.

      • Thanks Leboazz…. I checked out Topix and it looks pretty good!

  95. Stop that !

  96. This is my theory on what’s going on at HuffPost: It is possible that they got some conservative moderators to even things out, and now the conservative and liberal moderators are battling it out in a game of oneupmanship. Unless they have psycho moderators who operate according to their own weird logic, this might be the most plausible explanation of why people on both sides of the political spectrum are now being banned.

    Does anyone think that HuffPost is aware of this site? They should be made aware of it.

    • The Huffington Post is aware of this site and are making us look like a bunch of fools! They and their leftist cronies are a part of these chats, trust me. It’s the same pattern of attacking in packs. Sorry, I’m gone.

      • At least they can’t censor us here.

    • I think it’s more insidious than that…. that once AOL got a hold of HP , it simply became a faux leftist site and are moderating to death whether left or right because they don’t want too many questions or too many answers getting released above the corporate media accepted white noise of misinformation and making sure Americans remain divided…. because if everyone understands how long they’ve set up and duped… there will be hell to pay.

      The strategy has been doing a great job of keeping most Americans from seeing what’s really going on… that there was a 1% elitists Coup d’Etat 15 yrs ago and they shot the Constitution and our former Rights & Liberties, in the head… dead.

      • This is what I think is really going on: Whoever pulls the levers of power – and you can call them the New World Order or the One World Order, or whatever – want, most of all, political stability and an orderly world whereby they can do business peacefully all the while maintaining their positions of privilege and power. They have seen in WW1 and WW2 how destructive not getting along can be, and how bad it is for business and their interests, especially now with the existence of nuclear weapons. Therefore, they have set to create a one-world system, much like the European Union has done on a smaller scale for Europe, to unify the world and get everyone to play by the same rules. This is why we have the IMF, the World Bank, the OCED, etc.

        In the US, they are mainly using the Democrat party to advance these goals, while using the Republican party to create the illusion that there is a credible political opposition to their one-world schemes in order to lull independent-minded Americans to think they still have a hope, so they won’t go and get their guns and start a revolution. That is why the march towards a one-world New Order seems so inexorable, why nothing really seems to change regardless of whether the government is Republican or Democrat, whether the president is Bush or Obama. They are all of one mind, and that is to preserve peace, maintain order and let business prosper in the “interests of all”. And a one-world system is the best way to attain that objective.

        However, many people throughout the world have a problem with that because of those pesky, little matters like religion, culture, national identity, language, traditions, etc. that people so irrationally and emotionally are attached to. Especially religion, which threatens to upend the entire project of the one-worlders, and to a lesser extent, national identity and culture. That explains the “war on terror”, and these never-ending wars in faraway Muslim lands, which is really a way to cripple and subdue Muslim aspirations to live according to their ways, and gay marriage, homosexual rights, secularism and other anti-Christian doctrines here at home in order to undermine Christianity and do the same thing.

        The goals of the one-worlders and their ominous New World Order seem laudable, but it will mean submitting to a system that will be rigged from the outset, where everyone will have a designated place in a tightly controlled, class-based society resembling something more like the Holy Roman Empire of the Hapsburg Emperors and the other dynastic families of pre-WW1 Europe, or perhaps China today in its latest iteration.

        Will this be a good thing or not? Well, people might decide that freedom and stuff like that is over-rated, and security and peace are an acceptable trade-off. It depends on one’s temperament, I guess. People have lived under emperors, kings and lords for most of human history and life went on.

      • Close Loboazz… I’ll give you a cheap cigar, because most haven’t gotten even that far… they are in a state of denial that this could possibly happen in THEIR formerly democratic country.

        Who is rep or dem hasn’t mattered since they shot Kennedy and your take on who started this One Worlder mess can begin with the birth , in this country, of the privately owned FED in 1913… who were/are central bankers from Europe that we allowed to come to this country at the dawn of the industrial age when money was flowing in the streets of America (for a few), even though Jefferson warned us about what a dire threat this was.

        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
        ~ Thomas Jefferson

        The One Worlders aren’t looking for peace for mankind (for anyone but themselves)…. but rather to maintain their dominance and strangle hold on ALL the world economies in a nice tidy central world bank of like thinkers that vacuums up the cash flow from everywhere…. at whatever cost to liberty, cultural individuality, the environment or the ideal… ” that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”…. follow the money.

        The war on terror, just like all wars, are bankers wars… in chaos comes profit and with profit comes power, ask any Wall St. banker, arms producer, resource rapist or corporate monopolist. The money flows and it’s hard to trace, especially now in a ‘privatized’ world… they literally want to put a price on the seeds you plant, the water you drink and even the air you breathe. Because ownership is control, and who owns everything… wins the war on democracy and can as you mentioned, crown themselves… Masters of the Universe.

        Is that a good thing? Over my, and 90% of the other living things on this planets’ dead bodies!…. which is fundamentally what the end game will be all about.

        So if we want to survive in any sort of human dignity… it’s time to start oiling the guillotines and get rid of this murder of well padded crows and get back to a kinder, more individually respectful world.

      • Ginger, you got that right. I just finished reading Jefferson and Hamilton, recent book out, about how their opposing views shaped our nation. And it verified just how dangerous Hamilton’s politics were; back then there was Jefferson to modify the extremist damages, and balance things out. We need a 21st century Jefferson now.

      • Boy you’ve got that right Meredith, but I’m not sure we should be looking for 1 president…. Obama talked the talk but then walked behind the curtain to stab us in the back was toooo depressing.. he was a PR creation and we bought it… and ended up being even worse than the Cheney, Rumsfied, Bush trio of terror!

        I’m thinking a bigger change… more a committee of 4, majority wins the decisions…. far too many tyrannical Imperialists writing checks these days. But let’s not fool ourselves.. we’re so broken now, I don’t know if we’ll ever get back.

        I want Liz Warren (as long as she’s not a shill too). But I will be digging into her past like a terrier after a fat juicy rat! Not her fault I’m pretty sure… but fool me once, that’s on you.. fool me twice and my starry eyed faith in the system goes belly up.

      • I am frightened by your proposed solution. After the French revolutionaries guillotined everyone, and the Soviet Russians, Chinese communists and other communists killed, murdered and imprisoned hundreds of millions to take over, did they really make the world a better place? Or didn’t they just make themselves the new privileged class?

        I believe that the true people who control the levers of power are those established within the intelligence communities of the world, led of course by the US. Knowledge is power, and knowing all the dirt on people with the possibility of blackmail – and people always have dirt, even if it has to manufactured – gives them enormous power. That is why things never seem to change, why the hopes in Obama, for example, have been disappointed. He had been put in place by them. They own him. They own most everyone who rises to power, and discredit or destroy those whom they cannot own. (You mentioned Kennedy) You can rail against the bankers, the industrialists, the imperialists, the Bilderburgers, the Illuminati, whomever you wish, but the fact remains that there are powerful and influential people all of one mind who are loosely and, in some case, tightly collaborating with each other to reach this goal of a one-world system, controlled by them, of course. There are internal conflicts, naturally, as each is jockeying  for a place at the table, but their goal remains the same. You can think of them as a very exclusive club that invites people of interest to join their club, using a carrot-and-a-stick approach. And even very many of the “little” people on the outside who are not rich, powerful or influential support this idea of a one-world system.

        Among the several hindrances to their goals, the most important are national identity – nationalism – and religion. And, of course, anarchic sentiments such as your own, that threaten to cause everything to unravel if shared by a large number of people. We were witnesses to this recently as so many countries in the Muslim world imploded because of popular discontent. But, in view of the results of this scenario, this is something that even the discontented should want to avoid. It seems that any order is preferable to anarchy and disorder, because man basically needs to be governed.

        I don’t believe they are necessarily evil people. I believe they would like to see a world where everyone is prospering, where peace reigns, where justice is served, and where even the little guy is happy and content. It’s just that they have interests – self-interests, that get in the way of their nobler aspirations. And they are realists, above all, who understand that the world is not a nice place.

        There are people who resist their idea, and who make unlikely allies. Many Christian conservatives don’t like this because it seems so Apocalyptic with its intonations of a one-world government led by the Anti-Christ, but they would find an ally with people like you who can’t stand the idea of an elite hoarding most of the wealth of the world. But then I think that someone has to govern the world, so why not them? The rich and powerful have always ruled the world, and it may be crap, but no other alternative has ever seemed to work. Our choice is really, then, which ruler will give us the most crumbs.

        I could go on, but this is enough of my thoughts on the subject for now. Sorry if I sound so fatalistic.   Yours Truly,


  97. Are we being too paranoid about what’s going on at Huff? I don’t think so. Lately Arianna has been setting up a global blog heralded by joyous trumpets on the front page. Amusingly there are very few comments but most kiss her her hand in gratitude. My comment was expressing the hope that freedom of speech would be honored on the new blog. How dare I? For that I was banned.

  98. Who owns this site? How does one get in contact with him, her, it. Is it what it appears to be, or is it something else? Forgive the conspiracy theorist within me.

    • Hi Lee(leboazz), I wanted to respond earlier, but there was no reply button under your posted reply to me and today I’m flat outa steam lol.

      But from what I’ve seen here, there is NO input from the sites founder, whoever that might be… which has made me wonder not a little bit from whence it comes. But it would be an idea for the creation of a good active site functioning as a relief valve for most political sites’ self interests.. Ginger (gininitaly)

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  100. Someone needs to do an armed robbery to Puffington Post. They don’t deserve the money they launder from people.

  101. The US Congress is like a Hydra where you kill one head then two more regrows.

    We exist in a tiny bubble known as time/space and eventually it’s going to come to an end. One thing that will set up the AntiChrist is a peace treaty with Isreal which if Obama does it like he claims to do then that will allow the Jewish Temple to be built which will house the future AntiChrist which will force a mark to buy or sell.

    The violent part of the Tribulation is NOT suppose to happen until 3/4ths of the way thru and that’s because nations will start to resist him when they see him for who he truly is. People are suppose to LOVE the AntiChrist as he will promise good things to those who bow down to him.

    One prophecy indicates he will be a man in black from the west. Obama anybody?

    The AntiChrist halfway thru the Tribulation is suppose to receive a fatal would and be revived as his image *3D Hologram from Project Blue Beam?* who will be able to move and speak great things but are all lies.

    He will have the power to put anybody to death who doesn’t worship the image of the beast. In fact there is suppose to be the Antichrist. The Beast *which I think is a NSA super computer* and the False Prophet that will preform miracles using dark magic but will seem amazing to us.

    They will be done in key political areas to herd people into accepting his system of electronic cash where it will be illegal to have physical money though I think at that stage all the buying will be done online so there won’t be any physical places to buy stuff.

    I imagine 3D Printers will be the only way to buy ingredients to make food and you’ll need the mark of the beast to buy the ingredients.

    Some stores in Texas in the late 90s had a system where instead of having cashiers there would be sensors on the doors that would automatically take the money out of you’re account as you walk out.

    I believe Dad saw it on Nova once or was that the giant Robot Factory in Japan that was ran entirely by Robots?

  102. Homosexuality is a sin and is illogical because the body is the temple of the holy spirit who designed sex between a man and a woman

    • Judge not lest you be judged. Or are you god or JC on this post, and I just didn’t realize it.

  103. a fetus is a human unborn child therefore abortion is murder

  104. I was banned some while ago because I complained at how biased their articles were. Maybe a couple of months I wrote to them to ask why I was banned. For one day I wasn’t banned and I made a comment that was not much of anything and I was then banned again. I guess they’re just AFRAID of what I might say!

    • why bother with them at all? I am relieved not to be spending my time on Huff with big brother breathing down my neck.

  105. I’ve set-up an alternative to Huffpost I’m calling “Huffpost Other.” It will allow people to comment openly and freely. Hopefully, it will also be a wake-up call that will encourage Huffpost to drop its fascist censorship policy.

    Here’s the link. Please support this after by leaving a comment:


    • Great idea… I’ll come visit…. as this place seems curiously lacking in depth or interest by the creator. One might almost think it was created by the NSA to start taking the names of those who don’t buy the fake lefty propaganda.

    • I like the idea. It is an idea whose time has come. You even seem to create a graphic style similar to HuffPost. It almost feels like being on HuffPost.

      • Go look at his mission page Lebo…. the only thing he goes on about are the gays taking over the world. 😉

  106. You should really clear the horse brown out of your ears and clean your w hite hood, decrepit fossil.

    • What a nice thing to say. Where did you learn your manners?

      • I thought the purpose of this site was to post comments that Huffington Post sensors deleted, so to figure out which words they looked for. As to the content of my post, I respond with the same civility that I’m responded to. I respond to comments the same way I’m responded too. I do not turn the other cheek.

      • Glad you aren’t censored here but still didn’t like yr comment.

  107. Had this comment deleted twice:

    “This nation needs to sit down and have a serious discussion about knife control”

    Posted it in reference to the school stabbing in PA.

  108. That’s entirely out of context. Read the whole sentence instead of just reading from the semi-colon on and you’ll see that you are not correct since the refusals were in fact done on return to the counter and not right off the bat when ordering. I’m not blaming the children as it’s obviously the adult who is the one handing the cashier the money and telling the cashier what their child is ordering. Therefore, a reasonable thing to infer from my comment is that I was saying the adults aren’t specifying on their first trip to the counter and they should be since many children change their preference of toy type at different visits.

    The cashier doesn’t know nor has the time to know whether your child is having a barbie or transformers day. Which is why as a reasonable and smart parent would simply say something like “I want the chicken nugget happy meal with a boy toy, please” every time they go to order. It’s in fact much simpler for the parent to notify them than it is for everyone to have to engage in unnecessary extra words. And in all of the 42.8% cases, it’s the customers fault that they’re not satisfied because they didn’t specify what their needs were in the first place. Therefore, the employee is executing exactly what the customer asked for which was only for the food without any mention of a specific toy.

    • It’s not your fault that I have no idea whom you’re answering or basically what you’re talking about. It’s the fault of this website because one can’t see where your conversation comes from. Unfortunately, Huff Post still has the best mechanisms for social interaction. I still haven’t found another website that can equal it.

  109. This maybe off topic but I posted this comment at hufpo and it was blocked, I did not use the words Israel, Occupation , South Africa or Apartheid in the comment, but it still got blocked, very frustrating that Israeli bad behavior is off limits on most sites and is often treated as some form of Antisemitism

    “NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Christie is getting a second chance to impress Jewish leaders after a recent stumble that upset some of the GOP’s most powerful donors.

    The New Jersey governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate gives the keynote address Sunday at the Champions of Jewish Values International awards gala in New York.”

    It’s too bad the Governor has to do this song and dance routine for making a Freudian Slip and speaking the truth. This lobby has got everyone so rattled that even on this site certain words cannot be mentioned in the same article as that State without it being considered insensitive.

    Due to the potentially sensitive nature of this article, your comment may take longer to appear publicly.

    • You should be able to say anything you like about this. Huff is wrong to censor. My comment is a little off your subject – I don’t think anything Christie does or says will ever gain him another win from voters again. As many have said already, he is finished.

  110. Okay, the censorship at the Huffington Post is getting insane!

    Not only is every single comment I make there that even gently criticizes religion immediately censored, but today I have discovered (I think) that they are somehow LIVE moderating comments *as you type them.*

    I concluded this because as I was posting comments, they were immediately accepted or rejected upon hitting the post button, and in a predictable way. The postings were made on a single article, but had slightly different tones.

    The one that was censored was posted and less than a second later DELETED. It seemed that the moderator was able to watch my live keystrokes and as soon as I posted it, had already decided to delete.

    I’m sick of this very narrow-minded Progressive sect of people. I consider myself to be particular Progressive, but Huffington Post seems to be a very particular, Jimmy Carter type of Progressive. I like Jimmy Carter, a lot. But he’s got a worldview that, although I agree with mostly, is very particular. He’s religious, for one. And that seems to be the type of Progressive at the Huff.

    • Yes. Today I found out they now have automatic delete when I attempted to type the word “buffoon.” I tried it twice and was deleted both times. Evidently “buffoon” is a fearful hideous word that strikes fear in the hearts of men.

  111. I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with the HuffPo BS anymore. I completely deleted my account and have never looked back.

  112. about the rag named disgusting Rag or Huffington Post who claim to be a news agency…..
    I posted a reply to someone who “felt sorry for Jay Carney because he had to answer the same questions everyday”, of which my reply simply stated……”maybe if he had truthfully answered them, he would not be asked the same questions daily”
    I had been disgusted by the simpleton bias shown by
    Huffington “moderators” and my comment on Carney was the first in a while, I had received over 200 “faves” for my benign Carney comment of which I am embarrassed to admit- I was a bit proud of before the moderator deleted my post.
    Has this country become a Stalin era USSR country where the citizens have no voice? I cannot see American’s passively sitting down and not fighting back for our basic rights! Yes, I am riled up and am not going to take it anymore. Where are the HuffPo headquarters located? cause I may have to camp out in front of main entrance.

    • I agree. They ban people for anything. And I mean anything. Hope their viewers/readers plummet. Going back to just reading Ezra Klein’s VOX site.

      Fuck Huffington Puffington Post.

  113. one more thing…….someone tell the writers at Huffington Post that they couldn’t write or produce a high school yearbook,
    they are complete and utter bullshit.

  114. Well, I for one will not be posting on Huff ever again as now Huff has moved over to all-Facebook discussion blogs. So unless you don’t care that your political or other views can be seen by all your friends on FB, as well as anyone being able to click on your name and view your FB page, all this discussion becomes moot. Some suggest creating a fake FB page, but I refuse to stoop to such deception as i really don’t care that much about Huff any more.

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  116. The huffington post an ‘alternative to mainstream media’? Are you literally retarded? What in the hell do you think huffington post is? MAINSTREAM MEDIA. If so many other mainstream media outlets support and talk about them all the time on t.v. etc. then obviously huffington post is not alternative but is part of mainstream. What? You thought just cause they said they were that it must be so? Ha ha ha!!! That is very freakin hilarious. Why do people believe that everything BUT the Gospel Truth is the Gospel Truth. People act like they want so desperately for the world’s ways to be the right way. Why do you expect people to report on themselves honestly? When was the last time you heard somebody talk bad about themselves? And there is nothing ‘progressive’ about conservatism. Those two things are opposites. You might as well be saying liberal conservative.

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  118. Olla dude, This is big time good! Thanks ,seriously!

  119. I was banned from Huffington post and Twitter for bad-mouthing Ann Coulter. How is that wrong? Lol.

  120. Banned today for trying to point out that you are not allowed to use the words censorship or propaganda in any posts on their forum. I guess some people just dont like the truth. No wonder their forums are empty now.

    Feel the need to point out that I’m on the radical left – so the question is: How narrow is the HuffPo political perspective if it cant take criticism from the left of the right?

    • I’m an atheist, a socialist and anti-Zionist, which got me banned. Never mention anything anti Zionist, Israel or Jewish on HP. It’s an automatic disconnect from the Jewish controlled press…..

      It’s really strange as lots of the Religion section has regular, ardent, atheist poster, far worse than anything I ever wrote, but it’s the antiZionists that are dumped.

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  124. I am so pissed at HP. They don’t even have the guts to tell you your account is banned from commenting. In fact, if you log in, you will see your posts as if nothing is wrong. However as soon as you log in anonymously you will notice your posts are gone and/or never show up. I even set up a whole new account with new phone verified Facebook account and without so much as a F-Bomb I was banned again. Probably because some lame-ass censor cop didn’t like my comments about the police in America that murder people. No cussing, no flame-wars with other commenters. No reason behind why I was banned. Just in the dark of night, behind the scenes they whacked my ability to comment. Fuck Huffington Post. Never going there again. All their advertisers can burn for all I care now just for supporting that Communist China-style Censorship Rag!

  125. I know the feeling. None of my posts violated their guidelines but I was banned anyway. Ironically, I’m a progressive on most isues but sometimes I’ll side with the conservatives. The problem is the moderators, many of whom are nothing but politically-correct stick figures whom HuffPost needs to rein in. If you dare to cross with gays, blacks, or single women you will be deleted or banned. What kind of liberal doesn’t support s lively exchange of ideas. They just want an Amen Corner.

  126. I got banned and all my comments removed for replying to men saying women have too lenient sentences for mentioning how a rape victim who committed suicide before her peado abuser got less than 30 days in jail and for a case recently where because the rapist was sorry his entire seven year conviction was overturned

  127. Just today, I wrote comments on the pros and comments on racial segregation and or separation and how forced integration only benefitted the ones who were doing the oppressing and they were IMMEDIATELY deleted, by HuffPost.

    No questions asked–ifs ands or buts.

  128. All of my post relating to Hillary Clinton. And her emails regarding Fukushima are deleted on Huffington post. She warned her friends to shelter indoors while the rest of us and our children got to breathe I’m radioactive hot particles here is a link to the email and subsequent information.

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  131. What a breath of fresh air

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  133. I’ve been voicing my opinions on and off on a few news sites including Huffington Post. Recently I noticed that some of my comments on Huffington Post were blocked. Whatever are the reasons they were blocked I have no clue. I would characterize myself liberal-leaning and I do not believe I’ve ever posted anything vulgar, racist or sexist, all of which I despise.

    From the posts on this website, I’m surprised that such mysterious censorship has actually been going on for so many years and apparently nothing has changed. I’m disappointed that this was happening under Arianna Huffington’s watch as I did have respect for her straight no-nonsense liberal thinking.

    There are good reasons for a news site to screen comments from the general public to filter out downright vulgarness. Anything else had better be left untouched to preserve its rawness and genuity. I would argue that even comments reflecting certain attributes that we despise (for example, racism, sexism) should also be allowed as long as discussions remain civilized.

    To me, one big question about comment censorship (other than vulgarness) is that how can it be carried out without subjectiveness? The answer is: impossible, because we are all subjective in some way by nature. In addition, such censorship stifles opposing voices and fosters a superficial yes-man environment, resulting in whole bunch of play-safe, politically correct comments of inferior quality in order to get past censorship.

    Bottomline: If you elect not to win your argument with ration, reason and facts, but instead shut out any voice that isn’t in line with yours, you’ve lost. So long, Huffington Post.

    • Welcome to the real world where many sites who proclaim to be liberal, were simply created by the CIA as places to allow you to vent while doing no harm to the status quo… the closer you get to the truth, the more you will be blocked from spreading too much of it. Try Truthdig or Popular Resistance… both run by real people.

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  135. Got banned from HP for the first time last month or so for daring to point out HRC’s flaws and some of Joe Biden’s creepier moments with underage girls caught on camera… Took me awhile to realize this was a shadowban, then I began creating alternate FB profiles to post all of which were taken down mere minutes after posting on HP again. I know this because the later attempts I was using a proxy to check on my comments, which would gather an upvote or two and then poof vanish entirely from the face of the internet.

    I had been a user of HP from almost its inception, started posting sometime back in ’06. Fuck those authoritarian cocksuckers. Not giving them another click so long as I live.

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    Pretending that sex isn’t a part of the equation is part of the problem.”

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  148. Huff post actively stops comments. I tried commenting, I could type fine, suddenly I cant type anymore, AND RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES, WHAT I wrote was being erased. Then I tried to retype, and as I typed, and got a sentence out, I suddenly couldnt type again, and watched as it was ERASED RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES AGAIN!
    THEY can actually intervene in what your typing! Whoever was on the other end clearly was some liberal nazi that didnt like what I was writing. Heres the best part… now, without any notification or reason, I think Im banned? So, Im banned on facebook, twitter, quora, huff post, all liberal sites. Nice to see how “open minded” they are. Unless you want to press your face in hillarys asscheeks your banned.
    America is not free, and liberal baby boomers are who ruined it all, and yes I mean it, and yes I mean they ruined every single facet of American life being selfish assholes for the last 35 years. They are nothing but pathetic sniveling hypocritical morons who only care about themselves and only care about right now. They lack any thoughts of the future, and intentionally fucked their own children, so they get to retire, and thats it. Nobody will enjoy retirement after boomers. We will be worked to death.
    I pray for a plague, an astroid, nuclear war, maybe another flood, anything that will kill off the majority of life.
    We need a total do over.

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